Kearney Concrete Co. is located at 2001 Ave. C Kearney, NE 68847, which is right in the middle of the City of Kearney, allowing us the ability to get to your job site with ease. Kearney, Nebraska boasts 3 expertly located and easy to maneuver overpasses and a host of railroad crossings to easily access any location in or out of the city. Kearney Concrete Co. is constantly staying involved and up to date with industry news, changes, standards, practices, and new products. The staff at Kearney Concrete Co. is highly educated and well versed in the industry’s changing environment and is proud to actively serve in a host of organizations such as WCNHBA, NSHBA, NAHB, NC&AA, ACI Nebraska and ACI International. These are the organizations and groups that make and maintain our concrete industry and have been key players in making the concrete industry what it is today. Kearney Concrete Co. has an extremely well maintained Coneco LoPro model 12 Concrete Plant and prides itself on having this facility heated and enclosed, meaning our aggregate/cement is stored inside our heated plant. We have the ability to produce 200 Cu. yards of Concrete with warm aggregate in the middle of the winter. We are also using state of the art computerized Spectrum Command Batch Batching Software from ALKON.  We also have an extremely efficient hot water system from Thermal Engineering of Arizona which is capable of producing enough hot water to maintain well over 100 cubic yards an hour in the middle of the winter (which is crucial for Nebraska’s winters). This added to a fleet of thirteen 11 Cubic yard McNelius mixers mounted on Kenworth, Peterbilt and Sterling Trucks with number of rental truck’s available makes Kearney Concrete Co. a hands down choice for your next project in or near Kearney Nebraska.

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